Monday, March 4, 2019

Consultant, Agency, Freelance, Employed - Don't be a Foos

Marketing consultant or advertising agency. Freelance or employed. These are questions many businesses ask, large and small, when trying to come up with the right resources for a marketing campaign. There are good reasons to consider one over the other. Here are some things to think about before you go in either direction.

1. A  marketing consultant will recommend the services you need, not necessarily based on in-house staffing. Resources can be identified as needed based on the client project.  As the saying goes, when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Don't be a nail.

2. A marketing consultant is scaleable. Not tied to a specific staff set up, they can work with you to identify your needs based on your goals and objectives, and bring in the right resources at the right time.

3. A marketing consultant brings skills to your organization you might not have on staff. Even if you have a strong marketing leader or team, you may lack expertise in a certain specialty. This is especially true with digital marketing. A consultant can supplement your team and even serve as a mentor or trainer for the in-house staff. This might be the single most important benefit of hiring a marketing consultant. 

4. A marketing consultant is agile.  She can validate your direction and quickly analyze the situation and tap into the additional team members you need to get results quickly.

5. A marketing consultant has lower overhead. You know how some offices have foosball tables, unlimited Red Bull and other cool things for the staff? You do know who pays for that, right? Working with a consultant who pulls in a virtual team of experts doesn't waste your time or money on overhead.

6. A marketing consultant lets you work with a more skilled practitioner than you might be able to afford in-house. Not every business is ready for a CMO, VP or Director level marketing lead. Working with a consultant lets you get at that level of expertise without committing to a full time senior level marketer.

Looking for a marketing consultant to round out your in-house team or lead the charge with a virtual agency of experts to meet your business goals? Contact me at katbennett @ Leave the foosball behind!